5 Most Common Causes Of Breakage And Split Ends

Common Causes of Hair Breakage and Split Ends - Beautyline Hairstylists, Bryanston, Sandton

We’ve often heard experienced stylists say that losing approximately 100 strands of hair a day is normal. Shouldn’t we be concerned that we will eventually go bald. A poor work/life balance also contributes to hair loss and breakage. To avoid this you can get a treatment and then have your hair maintained regularly, but first here are some of the causes of hair breakage and split ends.

1.Not Enough Moisture

People often force combs and brushes through their hair when trying to untangle it. This is terrible because dry hair that is forced combed will snap and often leads to mass breakage. Shampooing daily will also dry your hair out because the chemicals in the shampoo act as detergents which suck the moisture out of your hair. The best way to untangle your hair is to do so gently, using your fingers.

2. Too Much Heat

Many of us love blow drying and ironing our hair. This combined with chemicals from styling products makes it very easy to cause hair breakage and deterioration. We recommend that you invest in high quality hair products and equipment to make sure your hair stays healthy.

3. Infrequent Maintenance

Not maintaining your hair regularly is the number one cause for breakage and split ends. Regular hair maintenance provides your hair with the essential oils and, moisture and nourishment it needs to stay healthy. The best way to keep your hair in shape is to go for regular services and only use quality hair products.

4. Mishandling

Tugging on your hair, pulling it and twirling around your fingers creates stress on the roots of your hair. Even if you don’t do this, you might still achieve the same effect by tying your hair too tight. Always be gentle.

5. Unbalanced Lifestyle

Insufficient sleep doesn’t only affect you mentally but does so physically as well and can lead to rapid hair deterioration. Also sleeping positions and linen might have a negative effect on hair. You can change this by purchasing silk pillow cases which will help retain moisture and lessen friction. Junk food and irregular eating times also contribute to poor hair health.


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