Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Every woman deserves to look glamorous regardless of the occasion. We can help you look your best, and do so in a short amount of time. We use Great Lengths hair extensions exclusively. When you choose Great Lengths hair extensions, you not only receive 100% natural hair extensions but wrap yourself in beauty and confidence.

Great Length Hair Extensions - Beautyline Hairstylists in Bryanston, Sandton

Cindy Nell Roberts - Great Lengths Hair Extensions“I love love love my Great Lengths, it’s so fabulous!!! Everyone says my hair looks awesome and I think it’s never looked better. What a blessing – no effort and great looking all the time. All the myths are just myths people, don’t compare Great lengths to others, they are in a league of their own. Love you Great Lengths.!!! Love you forever. xxx”

– Cindy Nell Roberts
Former Miss SA, model and business woman

Great Lengths is only found at hair salons with expertly trained stylists, and Beautyline Hairstylists is one of them. We offer a wide range of lengths, styles and colours. These extensions are produced in Italy, the heart of fashion, and are inspired by design and fashion trends. Each set of extensions is hand crafted to ensure that the final product is nothing less than the best quality. Great Lenghts hair extensions allows you to completely transform your look, so whether you prefer classic styles or new trendy hairstyles we can make sure you look and feel beautiful.

Nicole Flint - Great Lengths Hair Extensions“With Great Lengths my hair has more body, which allows me so many more design options. It is also surprising how much easier it is to manage and maintain. I can recommend hair extensions to anyone wanting their hair to look good and feel good at all times – it made a huge difference for me. Great Lengths is a wonderful product!”

– Nicole Flint
Former Miss SA, radio personality, TV presenter, PR professional & model

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