Beautyline Hair Stylists was established in 1985 and, 33 years later we are still going strong! This is largely because we love what we do. When a client walks into our salon for the first time we make it our mission to find only the best solution for their hair. We’re able to do this by using our knowledge of latest hair styling trends and by sticking to our two golden rules, which are:

  1. Hair should be healthy
  2. Hair should be styled in the form of a good cut

Hairstylist Team at Beautyline Hairstylists in Bryanston, Sandton

By following these rules, we are able to give you basic styles without having to blow dry your hair and advanced hair styles using chemicals.

We don’t want you to be disappointed so we always consult with you before working on your hair. In addition to this, we work mostly by appointment to ensure that we are on time for you when you need us.

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